UK Rehab is a charity that helps people find the addiction treatment service that is best suited to their specific needs. What you can expect from UK Rehab A service driven by the best interests of the patient The nature of the addiction and the treatment required will guide the advice process, but UK Rehab will also take into account the finances required The UK Rehab service is free and patient privacy is guaranteed The rehabilitation treatment process does not stop at recovery: patients are equipped to live a life free from addiction The aim of the UK Rehab specialists is to facilitate a life free from addicition The treatment steps through UK Rehab We believe that good alcohol and drug addiction treatment should start with a controlled detox process. The reason for the close detox monitoring is so that, if necessary, the rehabilitation specialists can administer clinical and therapeutic intervention to help the patients manage the withdrawal phase. With the understanding that that there are always deep rooted causes and immediate triggers for addictive behaviours, the rehab experts hold sessions with the patients to understand the individual. Many treatments address addiction only on the surface, with the hope that merely inspiring the patient to self-betterment will suffice for transformational change. The Rehab UK experts help patients handle the psychological withdrawal phases and the psychological issues that trigger addiction cycles The UK Rehab network of rehab facilities Rehab UK do not risk the wellbeing of patients with experimental, alternative treatment methods. The Rehab UK network of rehab centres have highly-trained therapists, medical specialists, and professional counsellors who use proven clinical and psychotherapeutic approaches to help patients defeat their addiction for good. In the network are luxury and private rehab centres located around the UK, and beyond. Considering the nature of the addiction and waiting periods, Rehab UK only refers patients to NHS programmes where it is a practical solution. Depending on the treatment needs of the patient, UK rehab can also refer patients to NHS rehab programmes.