If you are looking for a TSCM agency that has more than two decades of experience in destroying all kinds of electronic bugs and eavesdropping devices, Bug Sweeping UK offers high quality solutions. We are always on hand to respond, whenever you need our service, regardless of time or distance. A fully-fledged TSCM agency You can find a counter surveillance service provider with a simple search, but there is a good chance you will be working with just a basic private investigation firm. Their simplistic tools are only good for detecting the most basic bugs. Simplistic tools, however, do not work effectively in the face of newer and enhanced bug technologies. If you are dealing with high-tech bugs such as shrouded devices, voice activation bugs, remote controlled bugs, frequency hopping bugs and GSM bugs, simplistic bug sweeping tools will miss them. These bugs can be bought by anyone over the web. From simple bugs to advanced bugs, Bug Sweeping UK has all the right tools to keep you protected. High-value TSCM agency you can trust at all times As a TSCM agency that understands how bugs can be easily obtained online, we have ensured that we have all the expertise to help you get rid of bugs and eavesdropping devices, with our bug sweeping service. We have helped many achieved good results with counter surveillance, due to our expertise level and technical know-how. We respect client privacy We don’t disrespect client privacy here at Bug Sweeping UK as all bug sweeps are done in the most discreet manner. When we identify threats, we discuss with you the best possible ways to deal with them. Call us right away for rest of mind and exceptional service We ensure defined pricing on all our services at all times. We don’t charge call out fees so customers never have to pay extra. To enjoy rest of mind, call our highly sophisticated bug sweeping company today.

Contact address: Bug Sweeping UK, Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London EC2V 5AE, Phone: 0800 246 5287