TSCM detectives can intercept spy bugs and illegal tapping in your office or home. The internet offers a variety of cheap bug-detectors, which accounts for the number of unprofessional counter-surveillance services today. Such basic equipment fails to expose hidden taps because modern technology has superior resistance to detection. We can expose any bugs, because TSCM is a reputable organisation that has spent numerous resources in obtaining cutting edge bug-detection devices. Working with a trusted company like TSCM is vital for home security and ease of mind. The TSCM Approach Nobody should feel uncomfortable in their own environment, that is why we are committed to reinforcing safety in the home and office. By ridding your property of tracking bugs and spyware, we hope to improve the security around you. Why TSCM is the solution We are a professional company that has been intercepting surveillance and providing security solutions, worldwide, for 15 years. We have worked with government agencies, commercial institutions and private contractors. Our professional detectives will perform a complete sweep to uncover any hidden devices on your property. You will receive value for your money, because of our dedication to excellent service. As part of our service, our findings will be listed in a full statement. TSCM’s Global Services Here at TSCM UK, we have provided solutions globally from Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and Europe. We work according to the laws of each country, and we handle each case individually. We are available for service round the clock, every day at TSCM. Our pricing is simple and cost efficient. We look forward to hearing from you. Reach out to us on 0800 772 3056 for free expert advice

Contact address: TSCM UK, The Hoxton Mix, 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE, Phone: 0800 772 3056