The Tour du Mont Blanc is Western Europe’s most famous, globally recognised hiking trail.A clockwise tour of Mont Blanc is expertly organised by Salamander Adventures, providing an eleven day specialist trek of the region’s most beautiful parts.The trek covers 165km over the eleven day trip, with altitudes averaging around the 2000m mark. The trek covers 165km over the eleven day trip, with altitudes averaging around the 2000m mark.Each tour option prides itself on high levels of organisation, comfort and a carefully planned itinerary so that the walking parties may gain the most inspiration and enjoyment from the stunning views around the region.The Tour du Mont Blanc circles the borders of three countries France, Switzerland and Italy each home to incredible views of unspoiled landscapes.The trek starts in Les Houches, followed by Argentieres in France. The famous Bovine route reaches Champex in Switzerland by the fifth day. Taking the dramatic Grand Col Ferret over the Italian border, the walking party reach La Palud, a village on the outskirts of Courmayeur to take a welldeserved rest day. The Tour du Mont Blanc offer three varied price options, based on whether one would prefer to be part of of a guided or self guided party. Each budget option includes full accommodation, luggage dropoffs and meals throughout the trip. No stone is left unturned for the beauty seeking trekkers that wish to experience the Tour du Mont Blanc trail in its full glory.The Tour du Mont Blanc has been carefully constructed so that each part of the trail is welcomed by hospitable, welcoming and cozy respite each evening, to replenish tired limbs with gusto.The distance per day is built up slowly to ensure fitness levels increase over the eleven day tour. It is a priority for the Tour du Mont Blanc to ensure enthusiasm giving ample comfort, sustenance and rest each evening. Courmayeur’s outskirts include La Palud a small village where the Tour du Mont Blanc’s travel parties take a wellearned days’s rest. The hamlet of La Palud has a new cable car, the Monte Bianco Skyway, completed in 201 The state of the art revolving cable can comfortably host eighty nonclimbers to the snowcovered heights of the Mont Blanc massif. The cable car reaches Punta Helbronner, an incredible 3466m above sea level it is the highest public vantage point towards the summit of Mont Blanc (4810m).La Palud is perfectly situated for a perfect day to unwind. A highlight, for many, is the nearby thermal spa, located in Valle d’Aosta’s PreSaintDidier. The natural hot springs flow from the mountain at 37 degrees, and are said to improve skin, circulation and rheumatic disorders due the rich iron content of the mountain properties.The Tour du Mont Blanc is the most famous in Western Europe, providing an unforgettable mixture of cultural, historic and geographical interest. The views are resoundingly agreed to be some of the most dramatic and sublime on the planet. The Tour du Mont Blanc by Salamander Adventures are now offering places for summer 2017.A personal challenge and a true adventure, the Tour du Mont Blanc is a trip that will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

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