Are You Thinking about Getting a Degree in Theology?
There are a number of reasons why you should consider studying Theology, and if you are already considering it, there are a number of things that this degree can do for you. The truth is that, whether for the good or bad, religion is a huge play in both national and global events. The majority of individuals in the world follow some type of faith and believe in one greater being or another. It has even been said that there has been no other time in history as important as known to understand why and how people feel they should base their actions on what is expected by a higher being. Some of the greats in the civil rights movements, such as Martin Luther King, studied theology. The knowledge that this type of degree can provide a greater understanding of social and religious beliefs increases the desirability of employers to hire those with a degree in theology, especially in areas containing high levels of multi-culturalism.
What Skills Can You Gain?
When you receive a degree in theology, you should leave with a greater understanding and new perspective surrounding all the major religions practiced in the world today. Because of the increased empathy associated with this degree, those who hold it are valuable in the world we live in today. You will leave with the typical disciplines of communication and research, but also within increased ability to debate and argue from a number of different views. You will be able to argue all sides without offending those involved. Your sensitivity will be enhanced as well and you will begin to learn how religious messages and texts and translations can alter as time passes. Theology typically focuses on Christianity but does teach an overview of the other major religions.
What Career can I get?
Ministers are the most obvious reason that individual’s study philosophy. Graduates, however, are known to work in a large number of different occupations. These come in the areas of development work, community practice, welfare positions, counseling and social care, and even local and central policy-making jobs and working within administrative departments. Some even find employment within human resource departments or as general managers. Finally, graduates of theology can find employment and share their expertise in legal, broadcasting, journalism, information management, and library settings.
Types of Theology Degrees
Most programs that contain a Theology degree are focused on students looking to become a member of the clergy. Bachelor’s programs in Theology are available to jumpstart an individual on this path. However, there are graduate programs in theological studies available in order to help you move along and enhance your knowledge base. Some, those wishing to either teach or improve their skills, can even go as high up as gaining a Doctorate degree in theology. The type of degree you pursue is purely focused on you and your individual goals.
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