In today’s economy, it can be really difficult to get a new home! If you plan on buying a house in Arizona, don’t fail to get in touch with the Certo Team with Down Payment Assistance of Arizona at 602-429-6789 to discuss loan plans! Letting a deal like this go by is like dropping money on the street. We can offer many different plans and programs from the Home in 5 Program and Pathway to Purchase program, which can help to handle closing costs and down payments, to more specialized programs like Pima/Tucson Homebuyers Solution and the Arizona Dream Downpayment Initiative! Whatever your down payment and home loan needs, Down Payment Assistance of Arizona can help. You can also visit our web page here at http://www.downpaymentassistancearizona.com/programs/pathway-to-purchase/ to fill in our FREE contact form and get a fast, professional response.

The Certo Team

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