About The 67 Steps

Our society is based on discontent. While people are looking to enjoy a better life, many of us have the expectation that is should be handed to us without investing hard work on our part.

At The 67 Steps, the program that is being offered instills the fact that life doesn’t work in this way. The program, which is also named 67 Steps, was put together by Tai Lopez.

A business investor and entrepreneur, Tai Lopez has become a star of YouTube. Much of his conversation reverberates around achieving success and gaining wealth offline and online, and within your day-to-day life. Nevertheless, it doesn’t say that it’s going to be easy. To find true success it very rarely comes easily.

Tai Lopez insists that to begin with, we must get rid of the mindset of entitlement. He’s not intent on ruffling feathers, so to speak. He is simply talking from personal experience.

Why Should You Trust Tai Lopez?

As a college dropout, Tai Lopez started to work with a variety of mentors when he barely had 100 dollars to his name. After winding his way through thousands of books, he then progressed to become a financial planner.

Tai invests in current businesses while also “incubating” new businesses – businesses in health and in education. Notwithstanding, to establish his brand, he merely started out with a personal blog. The 67 Steps is a large part of this blog.

Tai believes that any type of success is unobtainable overnight. It would be erroneous to have expectations of making monumental gains by taking a crash course in whatever it is that you choose to focus on. It is his desire that people use his program as a way of influencing their lives to becoming better individuals.

All that said, you can’t help but feel that Mr. Lopez does, at least on occasion, stretches the truth with regards to his own life. And yet, there is no need to.

As an example of this, there’s one particular video whereby he’s giving a presentation with a luxurious backdrop that consists of a large swimming pool and a mansion. The impression is that he’s making that out to be his own. And yet, this property is, rather obviously so, owned by someone other than Mr. Lopez.

He could be renting the property, but if that is the case, why would he imply that this were his property? The question begs to be answered.

Is The 67 Steps Program Worthy of Your investment?

On the flip side, and getting back to the 67 Steps product. Is it worthy of the $67 investment? Considering it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee with no questions asked, it’s certainly an attractive offer.

But, the small print on the order form states that automatically, when you sign up, you get access to a “VIP 14 Day Free Membership.” After the 14 days, your free membership concludes, and you will be billed at $69.99 for each month you remain a member.

Sure, you can cancel your membership at any time, but do keep this in mind or you’ll be billed at $69.99 with regularity.