We would like to introduce the latest in dog exercise and recreation with the Tether Tug! Manufactured and sold out of Nixa, MO, the Tether Tug provides active dogs of all sizes hours of healthy exercise and enjoyment. The Tether Tug is a flexible pole that is attached to a very tug-able pull that dogs love to grab! It is sturdy and safe with different sizes to fit every dog. It will keep them busy for hours and keep them healthy at the same time. Sadly, many dogs in America suffer from being overweight and get diseases such as arthritis and diabetes as a result. Make your dog happy and save on vet bills at the same time! We encourage you to visit our website to view a video of the Tether Tug in action and to read our customer testimonials. You can also order or contact us for questions: tethertug.com

Tether Tug Dog Toy

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