About Tether Tug

Tether Tug is all about keeping your dog happy, healthy, and entertained.

We are located in the southwest corner of Missouri, and you will find that our staff are made up of true, deep-down animal lovers.

Our mission was simple when we started Tether Tug, and that was to find a way to help people to allow their dogs to play, have fun, and to ensure a continuingly loving bond was established between the pet and the owner.

Most dogs require a whole lot of activity in order to remain healthy. As a dog owner yourself, you know that to be true. Nevertheless, the average person is not able to deal with the constant throwing and constant tugging, and that is irrespective of us wanting to play for as long as we can every day with our beloved dog. And this is precisely where Tether Tug fits the bill.

At Tether Tug, we are based in the U.S. and we have a sincere passion, not only for dogs but also for cats and all other types of animals. We want dogs to enjoy their lives and to have plenty of fun. As such, we designed a toy that caters to the needs of most dogs – a toy that they will love, and a toy that saves your arm from hours of tugging and throwing.

Tether Tug was a concept that was initially thought of by the father and son team of Roger and Adam. Roger and Adam have a three-legged rescue dog, and they decided that to give the dog more exercise and plenty of excitement, and to make sure that the dog never got bored, they would create a tugging toy. Hence the introduction of the Tether Tug.

Almost All Dogs Love the Tug of War Game

Though no one is sure why dogs love to play tug of war as much as they do, one thing is certain, and that is that almost all dogs love the game. Nevertheless, for us to partake in the game for more than a few minutes, our arms and shoulders begin to ache.

However, with the Tether Tug, it’s now so much easier to allow your dog to have hours of fun without having to sacrifice your arms and shoulders.

These days, we have designed a variety of Tether Tug products that keep dogs happy, healthy, and fully entertained. From the indoor Tether Tug to the Puppy Tug to the UBER Tether Tug, you’ll certainly find the perfect product that works for your size and breed of dog.

It goes without saying that we are very excited to be able to bring you this line of products, and we hope that both your dog and you enjoy the products that we have come up with. Moreover, we sincerely hope that with the Tether Tug you will have every opportunity to ensure that your dog is fully entertained, even if it is cold, raining or snowing outside, or if your dog is locked safely indoors while you’re at work.