Are you in need of a home inspection in the Brooklyn, NY area? At J&R Home Inspection we can meet your needs in a fast, affordable and professional manner. We take pride in our Standard of Practice (S.O.P.) “Whole Home Inspections” and do so to state standards and your satisfaction. We inspect everything that counts including attics, fireplaces, walls, ceilings, electrical systems, garages, water heaters, driveways, gutters, doors, windows, crawlspaces, plumbing, HVAC systems and much more. Our inspections are non-invasive and will not harm your property. Please call one of our friendly staff members at 646) 846-9662 to schedule your inspection or to get our free estimate. We also encourage you to see our video on our website and to get further information on our range of services: superhomecheckups.com/services/

J&R Home Inspection

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