About South Florida Scrubbers

At South Florida Scrubbers, we are different. We offer a 24/7 service, which means that our team of cleaning experts are all set to work on any project at any time of day or night.

We are fully insured which is a requirement because our team sometimes have to work at elevated levels, particularly so when they are servicing various commercial applications.

Because we are the largest company of its kind in the entire state of Florida, we regularly work on a large variety of windows, we work at all heights and we work on a huge variety of building types. This all means that our team are very experienced in dealing with everything that this industry has to offer.

We provide our customers an extensive range of cleaning services for commercial-grade windows, inclusive of:

- Aerial lift work
- Controlled descent
- Belt work
- Ladder cleaning
- Swing stage

Regardless of this extensive range, unlike the majority of our South Florida competitors, we can provide extra assurance for our customers in that all of our window cleaning team are fully insured to work at any height.

We have these extra security measures in place because some of the work that we undertake comes with relatively precarious conditions. Some of the high-rise apartments that we service are as high as 500 feet, and occasionally even more.

Our Wellington Florida residential window cleaning company does have a key advantage over our competition – an advantage that really makes a large amount of difference:

That difference is our team.

All of our team members are experienced and they are entirely responsible. It is not our policy to hire kids still in high school, nor do we rely on temporary or seasonal workers to clean your windows.

In fact, the majority of our technicians have remained with us for more than 10 years. They are drug-free, they don’t smoke, and they are clean cut. They are experienced professionals – professionals that understand how to do the job correctly and efficiently.

All of our team members are fully accustomed to working inside the premier homes and offices that frequent the South Florida area.

For us to consider that one of our window cleaning team are properly trained, they must remain with us for more than a year. That means that pseudo “sub-contractors” or seasonal/temporary workers simply do not make a good fit for us.

Our Technique for Cleaning Windows Professionally

At South Florida Scrubbers, we never clean any windows when they are in direct sunlight. If we were to do so, it would mean that these windows could dry too rapidly, and that would cause streaking.

With regards to the interior of the window, we wash in a side-to-side fashion, and for the exterior, we wash up and down. If streaks do show up, because of our process, it’s easy to see which side they are actually on.

Obviously, it is another policy for our company to change the wash and the rinse waters that we use very regularly. Furthermore, we never rely on squeegees when we are working on stained or textured glass because the outcome is undesirable.