Parent's evenings and termly assessments have remained the chief method of evaluating a child's academic progress. However, both parents and teachers understand the inefficacy of these methods and are constantly looking for something better. A more efficient tool for monitoring a pupil's progress is the Climbing Frames' pupil tracker. The app's curriculum milestone allows parents and teachers to see the progress being made by students in real time. What does the app do? With the Climbing Frames school pupil tracker, the progress of any student at both the primary and secondary levels can be compared against the average, national expectations. The visual presentation of pupil performance, in line with the national average, shows parents and teachers how a pupil is reacting to a specific workload. The Climbing Frames app is highly efficient: it requires very little input and maintenance. The app's structure allows information to be seamlessly updated throughout the academic year, keeping parents in the loop every step of the way. The software is not limited to any one device, meaning that members of staff, parents and pupils themselves can access this important data at home on their phones and tablets, or through school computers. Governors and school leadership groups can also access data, as the system is internet based. Effective School Pupil Tracking Software The tracker app doesn't just show visual statistics: as soon as a student falls behind the statistical average or set goal, then the app will alert all users, by showing which areas of the curriculum are proving difficult, and then these problems began. Although this software creates a balance between school and home, it is also efficient in helping academic staff improve class structure.