Schkinny Maninny is a company that is all about juicing. If a person really wanted to get healthier faster and in a safer way, this would be one way to do it. Schkinny Maninny was founded by Catherine Craig. After trialing many different detox recipes, she got together with different nutritionists, naturopaths and other health care professionals to create the best cleansing plan a body could hope for. Since most people tend to skip over their veg and fruit intake and a lot of meals are high in preservatives, the Schkinny Nutritional detox, which includes juice and soup cleanses, helps to get that accurate balance of the good stuff and these are made with fresh and local ingredients. While the cleanses are not 100% organic, the company does try its best by purchasing all their ingredients locally. Catherine and her company can be found in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Australia. _

Schkinny Maninny _

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