There are many types of fences that may be present on your property including, decorative fences, security fences, privacy fences, etc. Many times these fences can need repairs and Sacramento Handyman is the place to contact when you need your fences fixed. We are located in Sacramento, CA and serve the Sacramento region with expert and professional fence repair services. No matter the problem, from slanting fence posts, broken gates, missing slats to holes in the fence, we have a repair ready for the issue. Even problems that look easy to fix may need specialized tools and expertise, in this case a professional service is needed, adding to this fences are also cosmetic to the look of your home and our professional and experienced craftsmen can make sure that your fence repair makes the fence look as good as new. So do not delay and let the curb appeal of your home suffer, contact us for a free estimate and get your issues squared away. _
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