As the co-founder of PayVida, Robert Ronning is a knowledgeable finance professional with the technology experience required to create a strong payment solution. Robert has spent over 10 years working with merchants and researching the payment industry to determine the industry’s current tech limitations and opportunities – and now, with PayVida, he’s planning to shake things up.

The current payment processing challenge that merchants face is consolidating transaction information into one place. If you have a physical business and an online store, for instance, chances are you accept cash and card payments in-store, plus COD for physical shipments to customers ordered in-store, plus credit cards and PayPal via your online store. Juggling so many payment methods is a struggle at best.

That’s where PayVida comes in. With PayVida, you can accept in-store debit and credit payments, through either a standard POS system or – get ready for this – your tablet, laptop, or smartphone. And with our e-commerce payment gateway, you can accept online payments through PayVida or with your preferred ecommerce platform and have all of your payment data collated in one place.

No more struggling to accept payments. No more waiting for customers to mail a cheque to pay an invoice. No more manual processing. With PayVida, accepting customer payments is fast, easy, and convenient.