Pressure Washing Service by Power Wash Tampa has been providing the best Pressure Washing Service in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg Florida using it's non toxic,ecco friendly softwash system that kills as much as 99% of mold and bacteria growth on the surface of concrete,siding,pavers,sofit,gutters and downspouts for over 23 years. With over 5000 customers serviced using our professional pressure washing service on both commercial and residential clients in Pinellas County Florida. We have experience a huge growth in Pressure Washing Pools, Enclosures, Florida Rooms, Decks, Fences, Patio's, Concrete, Driveways, and Pavers.

Contact address: 2822 54th Ave S suite 154, Saint Pertersburg, FL 33712, Phone: 813-305-7575