The environment needs our help. Every day, more damage is done to the planet's ecosystem through man's greed. If you would like to do something to help that will help you at the same time, consider adding a solar grid-tie system to your home. If you are in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Powertec Solar can help to achieve this goal. We have many years' experience in safely installing power systems. The money-saving, ecologically-sound solar panel will produce electricity on sunny days, of which we have quite a few here in Winnipeg. Solar is a green alternative energy source which is cleaner and healthier for the environment than coal, hydro-electric, and many other sources. Please give us a call today at 204-809-8703 to make an appointment and discuss solar options for your home. You can even fill in our handy contact form at http://powertecsolar.ca/contact/ to get a fast response. Let Powertec Solar help you to help the environment.

Powertec Solar

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