About Ohio Guide Outfitters, LLC

Owned and operated by Jenny and Matt Pamer, Ohio Guide Outfitters offers guided hunting trips in the beautiful outdoors of the state of Ohio.

Matt, as a lifelong resident of Richland County, has been taking advantage of the local area which is renowned for its wealth of whitetail for more than 30 years. In addition to that, he’s been able to enjoy countless hunting experiences all over the continent of North America.

Jenny, on the other hand, a native of Texas, is also avidly involved in the outdoor life and has resided in Ohio for just over 10 years.

It is Matt’s belief that by maintaining a low level of annual hunting trips and keeping hunter numbers down, this will ensure copious opportunities for larger and more mature animals for you to take advantage of. The kind of animals that you can expect to go after when you book with O.G.O. are those that are often witnessed in the Ohio Big Buck Book – the sort of animals that attract scores of no less than 180-200.

At Ohio Guide Outfitters, LLC, we are proud of our extremely high percentage of returns. Nevertheless, space is always at a premium, so it is advisable to give us a call at (419) 886-2107 well in advance of your desired hunting dates so you can successfully book your gobbler or free range whitetail hunt.

We are proud members of the DC Dallas Safari Club and the Ohio White Tail SCI. We offer exclusive opportunities for rifle, muzzle and archery loading to youth and adult hunters that come to us from around the world. For more information about the exciting adventures that we are able to offer to you, get in touch with us either via our website or by giving Matt or Jenny a call at (419) 886-2107.

What You Get When You Book With Ohio Guide Outfitters

Included in our hunt prices you will get:

• A guide, either Matt or Jenny, for five days.
• Field dressing
• Full breakfast

The following is not included as part of our hunt prices:

• Accommodation during the hunt
• Personal gear
• Tags and license
• Taxidermy and processing
• Alcoholic beverages

Ensuring The Future Of The Sport

At O.G.O., we understand the need to ensure that the youth of today and tomorrow are fully involved in our beautiful outdoor sport. As a way of encouraging current and future generations, we offer our Adult/Youth Hunt Packages which are suited to adults with children. Each child must be aged under 18 years and must also have approved H.S.C.


If you wish to merely observe, there is no charge. We offer stands and blinds to accommodate all non-hunters. Nevertheless, clothing as well as scent coverage is of course a large part of the overall strategy of successfully harvesting the larger, more mature bucks. As such, if you wish to bring along a non-hunter, clothing and scent coverage must be insisted upon.

Other Activities

In central Ohio, our location also offers numerous alternative activities that you can enjoy throughout the entire hunting season, including:

• Trekking
• Snow trails
• Mountain biking
• And more…