Treatment for substance abuse and dual diagnosis are very important for an individual who wants to live a happy, addiction free life. At Miramar Recovery located in Laguna Beach, California we want to be the trusted partners in the road to recovery for our clients. We know that they have entrusted a lot of their faith in us to help them solve their problems, and we want to give them the best treatment possible. We work intimately with each of our clients to give them the best shot at recovering from their vices so that they can once again live a fulfilling life that is free of substance abuse and addiction. Our staff is highly trained and efficient in dealing with the various deep-rooted causes of substance abuse. We work with clients to see what is affecting them internally that may be behind the issues they are facing. Our goal is to help those who have put their trust in our hands. If you need help, call us at 888-293-7762 to speak to a therapist or counselor right now for free.

Miramar Recovery

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