Fighting addiction can be a long and painful road for many. Whether it's alcohol, opiates, pain killers, or anything else. Addiction affects both the users and the families and can have a devastating impact on all those involved. Maryland Addiction Recovery has been helping those people for years and knows what you're going through. Addiction strikes families that never thought they'd have to live with it, so we know how hard it can be to admit, cope with, and conquer all levels of trying to remain sober. We are based in Towson, Maryland but we can help you with any questions you might have no matter where you are. We offer group and individual counseling at a safe and comfortable atmosphere for both the user, and those in the family that have been affected by addiction. You and your loved ones deserve to see life as it should be again, and we'll give you help through every step of the way to get you back to living a happy and successful life.