Many home owners do their best to keep their trees healthy; but sometimes, it just isn’t possible. When it comes time to remove a dead tree, grind a stump down, or remove a stump, the work can be exhausting, physically challenging, and downright dangerous. For those who live in Capitola, California and environs, Lewis Tree Service Inc. can provide the answer. A family-owned service located in Capitola and in operation since 1984, Lewis employs professional, trained experts in tree removal and stump handling. Don’t try to take on a job like this if you haven’t got the know-how—get in touch with Lewis Tree Service and have it done right! Ring us up today at 831-508-8995, or you can even get a FREE cost quote right here at http://www.lewistreeserviceinc.com/contact-us/ by filling in our useful contact form! Let us tackle your tough removal jobs.

Lewis Tree Service

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