Pianist, arranger, instrumentalist, conductor and composer of many music styles, André Lamounier shows some of his compositions for piano, orchestra and singing. With over 500 songs written by him, among plays for ballet, opera, small, medium and big orchestras, his creation covers various kinds of music. His work goes from erudite to pop music and in some moments his music engages both styles. Concerts, sound tracks, documentaries, musicals, compositions for different instruments, singing for classical and pop music are part of the versatility of this musician that shows nimbleness, class, and above all, respect to the melody in any composition he works on. His main goal is to let the audience understand the lyricism and the exuberant way to express the feelings through the art of working with sensations. His tool... the music. Very respected in the Brazilian artistic world, Andre Lamounier has got critics signed by many directors from cultural institutions, such as: • Maestro Isaac Karabtchevsky • René Gouedic • José Arnaldo Fernandes da Costa Bello – Brazilian Music Conservatory Recently, he’s been creating sound tracks for movies and documentaries. André Lamounier brings to you moments of magic, involving sensations that only music can provide.