"However we may try to avoid it, legal troubles crop up sometimes ... and that's when it's time to call in the professionals. DUI Lawyer Pros of Los Angeles have handled over 1,500 DUI cases, and they can handle yours in the L.A. area. Our areas of DUI practice include: 1st Offense DUI, 2nd Offense DUI, 3rd Offense DUI, Felony DUI, DUI Aggravating Factors.

Whatever your DUI issues, our experienced lawyers can help. DUI Lawyer Pros is a collective which brings together the best attorneys for DUI, personal injury, and criminal law in Southern California. You can rest assured that our lawyers will do their absolute best to win your case! A per-se hearing with the DMV must be arranged within ten days of the offense, so don't delay. Use our handy contact form here at http://laduipros.org/contact/, call us at (323) 813-4381 to speak with our professionals, or email at [email protected] Let the professionals take care of your case."

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