Julia Moreno Perri

Julia Moreno Perri



Julia Moreno Perri is a composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. For over 25 years, she has performed in a variety of groups including reggae, Latin American music, jazz, hip hop, DJs, folk rock and flamenco jazz rock bands in the USA, Spain and in Italy. Julia has performed at numerous festivals, museums, universities and music venues since 1984.

Originally from Philadelphia, she performed in numerous groups such as Tree of Life (reggae), The Humble Man Band (rock), Ulterior Motives (rock), Upper Dubland (reggae) and others. She co-founded The Delicious Life Orchestra with artists in Bologna, Italy and performed at The Container Club. She also performed as part of a backing band for The Digable Planets in Houston, TX.

She has been formally studying composition since 2007 both classical and jazz.