The Man Behind Illustrated Properties: About Jeff Lichtenstein

Jeff Lichtenstein is responsible for running the number 1 real estate team in Northern Palm Beaches at Illustrated Properties. In all, there are over 700 agents working at Illustrated Properties in Palm Beach County.

Jeff’s Background

One of Jeff’s life passions has always been for sales. He earned his degree at Syracuse University in Business Management and majored in marketing. Throughout his early years at high school and college, Jeff worked for his father’s home furnishing textile company selling fabrics.

Upon the completion of college, Jeff worked full time for his father, and learned skills by working together with buyers as well as designers, whereby he sold home furnishing fabrics to distributors, manufacturers, and drapery, bedspread, and furniture retailers.

Over time, Jeff achieved the position of executive vice president of the company. However, the company was sold, so Jeff then changed industries from fabrics to realty, while also making a promise that he would be back home every evening to have dinner with his wife and two children.

Jeff’s Success in Real Estate

Generally, Jeff arrives at work prior to sunrise so as to complete all the necessary paperwork for the day, after which, he is fully available to work with buyers, service his listings that he maintains with alternative realtors, and to network in the industry. Jeff is not one to head to the golf course, nor is he the guy to be found in the poker room. Instead, he’s 100 percent committed to his career and to his family.

Jeff plays quarterback for every facet of his business,Jeff Realty Real Estate, the business being made up of nine staff in all, including five buyer agents. For each individual home, he is responsible for generating a unique marketing strategy. Simultaneously, Jeff reviews the marketing materials, the showings, as well as the feedback his business receives. He, likewise, negotiates all transactions and is responsible for supervising the entire closing process. In all, he has successfully completed no less than 708 transactions.

Jeff’s office is a mere ten minutes’ drive from his home. His team is made up of mature, smart, and creative people. He makes time for raising money so as to benefit Jupiter Medical Cancer Research through the Lighthouse Art Center. And, it’s true to say that he’s fortunate enough to reside in nothing short of a tropical paradise.

As Jeff says himself, while he gets to live in Jupiter, other people have to pay to vacation there. With the beach being located just a few minutes away from his home, he goes snorkeling whenever the opportunity presents itself throughout the summer months. There’s little else that a guy could ask for in life.