"Infintech Designs is a small start-up firm located in the business district of New Orleans, La. We offer Internet and Web-related services to small businesses in New Orleans, La. The services we offer include website development and design, hosting, maintenance, marketing, and analysis and digital marketing.
Given our experience and expertise in both commercial Web development and business-to-business sales, we believe we can offer a unique and superior service to small business owners, in comparison to what is currently available. We have developed a system that dramatically reduces steep project costs and henceforth will allow us to offer the same high-end Web development services as larger companies receive at a much lower cost to the client.

Infintech Designs has helped over 150 companies rank higher on Google and Maps searches as well as through a number of other online channels. In this section, you can see our excellence at work with a number of real-world results.

Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and streamlined Internet and Web services to businesses. We have developed a system for offering many different types of Web services (site development, hosting, marketing, and maintenance) that are exclusively tailored to fit the needs and resources of small companies.

Infintech Designs

3436 Magazine St., #120, New Orleans, LA 70115