IMB Academy and Their Unique Approach to Martial Arts

IMB Academy approach their mixed martial arts (MMA) training schedules in a non-traditional manner, focusing much more on the unique attributes of the individual as opposed to the style of study. After all, there is no single martial arts style which is applicable to every individual person.
Every student has a different physical capacity, are variable in stature, and have differing goals in terms of what they wish to achieve with respect to their own martial arts performance and technique. JKD classes afford a controlled atmosphere which permits all IMB Academy students to experience numerous formats of disciplines in a safe and controlled manor. This process permits them to enjoy the most functional and practical aspects of the sport.
IMB Academy provide you as their student with the three standard ranges of martial arts discipline. You make a choice to practice each of these alone, while you also make your own decisions as to which is the best and most appropriate for you. After all, each individual student, based on current experience level and ability, possesses their own particular way (JeetKune Do).
The IMB Academy takes the stance that they will not merely teach you the foundation of martial arts. They also wish to develop your skills, which is a philosophy recognized as JeetKune Do.

IMB Academy Founder and Chief Instructor
The founder and also chief instructor at IMB Academy, Richard S. Bustillo, is renowned as one of the original students under the tutelage of Bruce Lee. He was likewise seen as a high-ranking ambassador within Bruce Lee’s own format of JeetKune Do.
Richard attended the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where he completed study at the Coaches College. He also worked as an OTC coach, referee, and official at the United States Amateur Boxing Clinic.
He maintains the distinction as having gained certification to work with the LASD, LAPD, and the FBI as a law enforcement defensive tactics instructor. Richard has the accolade of receiving a number of Hall of Fame awards for martial arts, including though not limited to:
- Martial Arts History Museum Pioneer
- Black Belt Instructor of the Year
He has the accolade of receiving the Filipino Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement Award.
Richard is a Grandmaster in Doce Pares Eskrima, a Kru in muay Thai, and a sensei in both non-traditional and traditional forms of wrestling and jujitsu.
With more than 45 years of experience of teaching under his belt, in addition to being featured on the cover of copious martial arts publications, Richard S. Bustillo is, understandably, regarded as among the most sought-after aficionados in the world of martial arts for law enforcement tactical and defensive training, seminars, competition training, and self-defense programs.