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Criminal Offense - Felonies

A felony is the most serious type of criminal offense.

For any offense in which a prison sentence of the duration of over a year is imposed is considered as a felony. Fines for when a felony is committed can range from a few thousand dollars and into the millions of dollars. In California in general, state prison sentences range from a matter of a 16-month period up to life without parole being granted. And for some violent felonies, capital punishment may be the penalty bestowed. A probation of between five years and life can also be imposed.

The following felony offenses are handled by the skilled team of attorneys at the Hurwitz Law Group:

- Assault with a deadly weapon
- Child abduction
- Forgery
- Robbery
- Drug offenses
- Grand theft auto


Though a misdemeanor might not be quite as serious as a felony, nevertheless, having a conviction for a misdemeanor may still result in some particularly negative life repercussions.

Once you have a criminal record, it becomes a record for public knowledge, and as such, it can be accessed online by anyone, including potential landlords and employers. Dependent on the work that you do, having a conviction for a misdemeanor could prove to jeopardize continued employment.

There are various forms of misdemeanor including the following:

Petty theft

There are varying aspects to petty theft inclusive of:

Theft by embezzlement: For example, should a person steal funds which have been entrusted to them for their safekeeping.

Theft by false pretenses: In other words, theft through deception. For example, someone who collects money by posing as a ticket taker, or a person who offers sham tickets to events that they receive payment for.

Theft by trickery: In other words, when a person is tricked into giving property when they believe that the property would be returned. If you abscond with property after you repair it, you are guilty of such an offense.

Solicitation and Prostitution

With respect to solicitation and prostitution, there are various possible defenses which are presentable by attorneys at the Hurwitz Law Group. Those are inclusive of:

- Entrapment
- Mistake
- Lack of intent
- Insufficient evidence

Drug Possession

The charge of drug possession may be brought depending on various factors, inclusive of:

- Any prior convictions
- Involvement of battery
- Involvement of domestic violence


Should you have been charged with the offense of DUI, it can cause embarrassment, fear, anger, and a variety of different emotions, based on the circumstances of your arrest or perhaps because you feel that you have been wrongfully accused.

Though it is not possible to alter the past, you can still take action in controlling your future through hiring a good attorney to aid you with your situation. Again, with respect to a conviction for DUI, the expert attorneys at the Hurwitz Law Group are available to help.