Combining technology, function and design, Humelab America has created the Coffee Touch Table in the designs of Tabata and LOLA Play, customizable in height and width. The Coffee Touch Table is an innovative design that elevates technology to the next level. The table uses projective-capacitative technology to allow you to use your coffee table as you would a touch screen smartphone or tablet. The table is impermeable, works well in natural light, is waterproof, has a tactile surface, and bluetooth, ethernet, or wifi connectivity. Ideal for those with children is the LOLA Play. It can be placed in a child's a room, or in any room where children gather. LOLA Play isn't just limited to children however. It's sleek design is suitable even for professionals. Whether you'll looking for something uniquely beautiful and functional for your home or for your business, Humelab America's incredible offerings are the ultimate synergy of function, technology and design. Humelab America is located in Sherbrooke, Qc Canada J1H 6E9. You can learn more about these products online at http://humetable.com/. They can be reached by phone at 1 (855) 395-5551. _

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