Hypnosis specialist Joshua Syna, M.A., L.C.D.C., C.Ht., started practicing hypnosis in Houston in 1993 and opened the Houston Hypnosis Center conveniently located in the Houston Heights area. His undergraduate degree is in psychology from the University of Houston and he completed a Master¹s Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy from St. John's University.

Mr. Syna has hypnotized over 15,000 people in Houston over the last 23 years years and uses hypnosis to help people stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome insomnia, sexual problems ,and eliminate fears and phobias.

Mr. Syna is a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and also uses hypnosis to treat substance abuse and addictions.

Please feel to contact him for a free, no cost, no obligation consultation to discuss your goals.

Contact address: 1434 Allston St, Houston, TX 77008, Phone: (713)869-6463