Being a pilot was a dream since my very early childhood. I have made my first paper air plane at five years old,my family was astonished but in the same time, they have realized that it wasn't a simple paper toy, but a big dream hidden inside a little ambitious boy.
I have spent my first years looking to the sky and enjoying the planes passing over my area, that was my favourite moments seeing them taking of and landing the whole day.
At my 12th's anniversary,I have received my best gift ever: it was a flying skills & instructions book, that book had excited me more and turned my curiosity on to know every single piece of the craft which pushed me to buy other books: 2 years later; I have fabricated my first flying helicopter with a remote control as shown below.
Briefly and Unfortunately, my family couldn't support me to fulfil my dream, I have done my best and the impossible just to be selected from a hundred of students, but looking to the material status of my family and to the corrupted system in my country: I haven't been selected.
Flying will stay a beautiful dream, at least for unlucky people like me.

I'm Yassine Addoula I have 22 years, I love movies and airplanes