We are a Sedative Dentistry Practice in Rockville Maryland. In Fact, one of very few Sleep Dentistry offices where you can get put to sleep for routine dental care such as fillings, crowns and even dental cleanings if necessary. Our Sedative Dentists can do surgery such as extractions, implants and bone grafts or the dentists are dentists that use sedation for even X-rays and Dental Cleanings if necessary. We offer twilight dental sedation as well as full sedation dentistry. We are also the only Sleep Dentist to use IV Sedation to deliver Dental Sedatives and anesthesia to perform Holistic Dental services. We also provide Oral Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry. If you are looking to find a Sleep Dentist for Sedated Dentistry, you have found us.