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Two Common Problems With iPhones and iPads and How to Fix Them

Your iPhone or iPad Does Not Charge

If your iPhone or your iPad does not charge up when you plug the device into a power socket, there may be issues with any of the following three components:

- Wall power point
- USB cable
- iPhone/ iPad charging port

Though the battery on your iPhone or iPad may need replacing, this does not necessarily equate to the problem at hand. It is far more likely that there is some type of issue with the devices’ charging port, and thus, replacing the battery will not have the desired effect.

Restart the device: Restarting your iPhone or iPad can prove to solve some problems, thus, should your device not be charging, reboot it, plug it in, and try charging once more.

Check the power point in the wall, USB port, and USB cable: Try using a different USB cable, and don’t forget to attempt to charge from a different power source than before.

Place your iPhone/ iPad into Recovery Mode: Placing your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode can solve a variety of complex problems, though you will need to restore the device, if you do enter into Recovery Mode, from backup.

iPhone or iPad Overheating

Among the most commonly experienced problems that iPhone users have is that their phone overheats. Furthermore, many iPad and iPod Touch users have also experienced this issue.

Remove the cover from your iPhone/ iPad: While the majority of covers are perfectly appropriate for iPhones and iPads, you should avoid investing in a heavily insulated or thick cover that prevents heat from dissipating from the device. While it is normal that your device will become hotter while the battery is being charged, it is advisable to remove the cover when it is charging.

Turn the Background App Refresh off: Overheating problems can be prevented by turning off the Background App Refresh. First, go to Settings; then General; select Turn Off Background App Refresh.

Clear out junk files: Junk files that are generated by apps can slow your iPhone or iPad down and cause overheating. Remove app caches, temp files, and cookies from your iPhone and iPad either by using an appropriate cleaning utility such as PhoneClean, or by seeking professional help.

Avoid leaving your iPhone/ iPad in direct sunlight: This is common sense, but it does occur quite frequently. Furthermore, you should avoid leaving your device inside a car when the weather is hot. Over a period of time, should your device be left inside a hot car or in direct sunlight, it can cause damage to the battery, and thus charging can prove to be problematic.