Have you been thinking about beefing up the security at your business? Maybe a few to many things have started disappearing lately? Or there have been some property damages that are getting rather costly? If either is the case then you should call First Security Services if you are in Oakland. They will make sure to put a stop to all of that nonsense and you won't have to pay for other peoples wrong doings any more. They are a top notch security company and their guards don't play any games. You will instantly notice that everything is much safer and more secure for your business. They put all of their guards through back ground checks so that you know they are hiring reliable people. It is time to make sure that everything is running smoothly at your business and that you aren't going to be costing yourself money by not being safe enough.

First Security Services

1300 Clay Street Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94612

(510) 625-1110