There are very few needs that come before security for the average american. Luckily for residents in the Sacramento, California region, that need is easily met by our expert team at First Security Services. First Security is one of the most recognizable and competent teams in San Joaquin County. We know the area best, and with that comes our comprehension of your specific security needs. In addition to being one of the largest private patrol organizations in the area, we also have a partnership with First Alarm services. Our security team is a group of experts at understanding these alarms and how to respond to them. We provide residential security, food and beverage security, as well as specified point of interest security to cater to each specific need of our clients. Whether you are trying to deter criminal actions, or just ensure employee safety, First Security Services is the team you should rely on first to get the job done right.

First Security Services

3463 American River Dr., Sacramento, CA 95864

(916) 486-5800