The first security services is located in Santa Clara and is a private security guard service for a university. It is in San Jose, CA. They do alarm responses, vehicle control responses, and security officers. It is the oldest university of learning in California. There is a security guard for on campus and for the mall there. There are also food industry services. They are the only industry quality certified provider in the state of California. They operate the largest vehicle patrol service in Santa Clara. Their main goal is to prevent crime, and one of their sister services is the First Alarm company, which is one of the most widely known security services in America. They want to protect people from harm, and to prevent any harm that might be coming their way. This company has been serving since the year 1966, and not only do they offer reliable services and fast rates, they will also give you the best possible rates. They want to make you very happy.

First Security Services

1731 Technology Drive #800, San Jose, CA 95110