About Fowler Marketing

Fowler Marketing are all about producing money. They are not interested in being average, while they are exceptional at two things: PPC ads and local SEO.

What’s more, Fowler Marketing provide their clients with great pricing. That’s because at www.tracefowler.com they realize that once they get great results for their clients, the clients are hooked over the long term. There’s no argument that we all love to make money, and at Fowler Marketing in Hamilton, Ohio, they help you to do just that.

Why Does Local SEO Work in Helping You to Attract New Customers?

Focusing on the local SEO aspect of Fowler Marketing’s expertise, through quality local SEO your business will attract a whole lot more customers.

1. Local customers are using the internet more and more to find local businesses

It’s true that some are still relying on the old-fashioned and rather outdated printed phone book, but these days more and more of us are relying on the internet to find out about local businesses.

2. Local SEO is timely and highly targeted

The main reason to search the internet for a local business is to locate a specific business. The secondary reason is to locate either a product or a service. While many local searchers are intent on finding a specific business name, there are others that are unaware of any specific businesses. This means that if you use a company such as Fowler Marketing, you will be able to position your business better and promote your products or services to localized customers.

3. High conversion rates

Online directories such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Citysearch list the business’s name, the address, the business’s phone number, and invariably also additional information such as a business description. Local directories now dominate the local search results and local directory marketing, which is one among a few different forms of local SEO, offering a higher rate of conversion than all other forms of traditional advertising – as much as 50 percent conversion. Therefore, you should aim to have your own business listed on quality online directories – as many of them as you can, where you can convert as much as one out of two leads into a buying customer.

4. Excellent ROI

Quite unlike traditional advertising such as direct mail, local newspapers and leaflets, if you utilize local SEO the amount of wasted exposure is limited. When a potential customer needs your products or services, they can reach you, which flies in the face of traditional advertising formats whereby you might be targeting the wrong people. As such, local SEO is very cost-effective and particularly efficient.

5. Free of charge

You can claim your listing on Google My Business, on Bing Places for Business, and on many other directories entirely free of charge, at least for now. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with advertising your business for free.

6. Online reviews are trusted

The success of many businesses that are localized greatly depends on word of mouth. To increase the reputation of your business online, simply asked your customers to leave positive reviews about their buying experience, and this way you can attract plenty of new customers.