First Security in Sacramento, CA has been a trusted private security firm of the neighborhood. Our HOA uses First Security and their personnels are quite professional and visible within the neighborhood. I feel safer already when I see them around the neighborhood every ten minutes or so. They are very vigilant about keeping an eye out on random vehicles in the neighborhood. The personnels they hire are extremely friendly and they seem to enjoy the job. Whenever you suspect something is going on in the neighborhood, just speak to one of them and they will get to the bottom of it and report to you within a few days. I am glad that my HOA hired them for neighborhood security as I feel that a few major break ins have been foiled by them. They are very a exceptional security firm in Sacramento. I honestly cannot think of recommending another firm for the job. Thanks! _

First Security Services _

3436 American River Drive, Sacramento, CA 95864 _

916-486-5800 _