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Emporium Voyage offers super-deluxe handpicked destinations for the ultimate vacation of your life. Our range of luxury clubs, spas, yachts and accommodations are designed keeping the demands of the utmost elite in mind. Stunning backdrops, scenic views, sensual décors, exotic cuisines, high-end bars—we provide all this and much, much more to make sure your experience is lavish and extravagant to the extreme.

Plan romantic getaways, fairy tale weddings, exotic cruises and self-indulgent spa treatments in style!
We are an elite group of resorts based in the heart of Europe, America and Dubai. We cater to the topmost elite. Our resorts are frequented by the crème de la crème of high society. We offer high profile accomodations that are accessible solely via special invites.
We are revered for our select and exclusive service that only those at the very top can enjoy. Our resorts are patronized by the A-listers of the haut monde. Join us for the ultimate gratification of your extravagant tastes at one of our many retreats, where you will receive all the indulgence and pampering your heart desires.