If you have chosen a space to build a new structure, or if you wish to remodel or restore an existing structure to better suit your needs, a consultation with Elliott Architects Ltd. will help you to visualize your project. Elliott Architects Ltd. focus on establishing a relationship with client and contractor alike, but they also pay strict attention to detailed design, and pay close attention to both the client's needs and the context of the surroundings when they design. They have specialists who can help with project planning and management, everything down to controlling the cost, so that the vision of the project maintains the integrity you started it with. They know the people in Northumberland and North East areas and understand the legalities of building in this area, and they also pay attention to sustainability, all while building something beautiful and liveable.

Elliott Architects Ltd.

6 Shawwell, Stagshaw Road, Corbridge NE45 5PE

01434 633007