About Elevate Life

Founded in January 2000, Elevate Life Churchrepresents a non-denominational church based in Frisco, Texas. Their main focus is upon leadership. Elevate Life is a place where the peoples are loved, not only by God but by the others around them. It’s a place where people are able to develop lifelong relationships, and where they can reach out to God.

The Elevate Life Bible-Based Preschool Program

The Elevate Life staff have a dedication to ensuring that their bible-based preschool program classes make for a positive learning environment for all children. Their goals are to offer both the experience and atmosphere which are necessary for children to grow in terms of their emotions, their social awareness, and their spirituality.

About the Program

The Creative curriculum is used by Celebration Preschool, in addition to various resources that come from the A Beka curriculum, which is a Christian-based curricula. The teachers are guided in their teaching of preschool aged children. The Creative curriculum is divided into five components:

- A child’s development and learning
- Learning environment
- What it is that children learn
- Teaching and caring
- Partnering together with families

Elevate Life uses lesson plans together with learning centers that are appropriate to the age group and are designed to offer a well-rounded program which aids in a child’s development physically, socially, spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally. By way of maintaining a low student to teacher ratio, students gain the opportunity in which to acquire the social and academic skills which are required to succeed.

Elevate Life believe that learning ought to be fun, individualized, and interactive. Their goal is to ensure that each child is well groomed for the classroom setting. Each child’s time with Elevate Life is filled with friendship, creativity, and with love, given that they partner with you, the parent, to train your child in the right way to appreciate God.
Each year, formal assessments are completed, with phone conferences being held in January, and in April, in-person conferences are held.

The daily rotation is inclusive of:

- Outdoor and indoor play
- Bible Alive classes
- Chapel time
- Music & Movement
- Spanish language
- Art
- Computers (in the 4-year-old classes)
- Dramatic play
- Science and math activities
- Core character essentials

The teachers at Elevate Life’s Celebration Preschool make for an excellent group of teachers that hold a strong Christian faith and are dedicated to the provision of a very positive introduction to education of a formal nature. All the teachers either meet or exceed the exacting requirements of Texas State to become child care employees.

The teachers are required to attend pre-service, orientation, as well as undergo in-service training. They must also be first aid and CPR certified.

The Celebration Preschool program is monitored and licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

Preschool Ages

At Celebration Preschool, the age groups that are taught are 2-5 year olds that are as yet to be enrolled in kindergarten. Children are placed in their age-appropriate class which is dependent on birth date.