CURRICULUM VITAE February 12, 2009
Elena Merlan
Nationality: Romanian
Date of Birth: 19 N0v. 1949
Home Address: Str.Dr.Nicolaie Alexandrescu 4, bloc B5, ap.20,
Town: Galati – country: Romania
Tel: +40 (236) 412077
Fax: +40 (336) 103176
EDUCATION: University Galati
1974 -1978 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Networks (CompTIA A+)
AutoCAD, Solid EDGE
I built my web: www.elenamerlan.org; banners;
Technician: 25/08/1970 - 30/12/1978
- SHIPYARD Galati - Technical Department I’ve elaborated technologies. - DISTRICT COUNCIL-
Organization Production’s and Work’s Department - I’ve elaborate National Norms/NORMATIVES Production’s for all activities administrative, economics, technical and management staff for all enterprises subordinated Council of the town council.
Master mechanic=chief engineer
- CRAFTMEN’S COOPERATIVE. I’ve managed all electro mechanics activity.
I’ve rendered technical assistance to I’ve made all maintenance activity and the capital repairs too;
Engineer: 30/12/1978 - 16/06/1988-in the STEEL WORKS –Galati Romania, today MITTAL STEEL. I’ve had responsibilities of cylinders for rolling mill of 3 rolling mills’. I’ve realized all necessary, their contraction, delivery, conform contract by firms from Germany, Japan, Russia, France and
Romania, their quality and the comportment on the technological flux. I’ve followed hard the
Consumption / laminated tone and I represented the Laminate works at Court as technical upholder.
Teacher: 15/09/1978- 15/07/1984
Technical Sciences - During I’ve act officiate as engineer in STEEL WORKS today MITTAL STEEL overtime I’ve worked like professor.
- English: speaking, writing, reading - level average.
Technical English - level well.
- French: speaking, writing, reading - level average.
- Russian: notions
- German: notions
HOBBIES: Computer, Art +Opera, History, Literature, Travelling.
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.elenamerlan.org


I thank you very much because you are kindly enough and pay your attention to my candidature. My CV is the witness my professional activity that I was carried in big and important state enterprises of my country, and likewise the witness of the interruption my employment contract by the employer at the order of the Russia. Why this interruption? I’ve hadn’t any guilt it only because communist leaders discovered I always thought democratic and on where they pass they stain/tarnish. What’s the meaning of this interruption?
This interruption signifies much more. In the first place transformation of my family in the deads alive and in the same time: the Russian baseness for to impose their wrongdoing in the name of new democracy and of the faith; false Romanian democracy, beggary disguised of the communists disguised. In mode indubitable this state of things will put your imagination at the trial because you belong to normal world and I, to socialist camp; the camp shame, indifference and of the experts on the foul actions. I and my family have off cast statute since 1984 year and in the present and if you want to have idea of theirs arbitrariness’s so forbidden I invite you to visit my website:http://www.elenamerlan.org.
My situation is without precept in the history and I can’t to show you fictions for my letter of intention will be in a specific manner.
I and my family are prisoners of communist leaders since 1984 year and in present ;they made a fad for me and my family .In the same time their tools for blackmail and beg what they aren’t able to ask with dignity at negotiations' table.
Romania did from my family problem of estate and we are spied par satellite anywhere and everywhere for nothing.
Under shield of Russia, communists Romanians and their security forces they took us all rights.
Right has a normal life at privacy, they took the most happy years of my children and the most fecund in our. They‘ve defiled my daughter, model of behaviour, without errors, they took her smile on her face, aspirations, sparkling of eyes inoculating the resignation and idea that he was been born to be their guinea pig and prisoner. They’ve obliged to have 4 children without father for the same motive for that other communists wanted as the emperor to be gardener.
They have brought the whole world to show theirs scenarios. Actually, the system socialist to put a bold face on system capitalist; the system socialist like always using: baseness, lie, falseness, wrongdoing, the manipulation of everybody, and my family theirs tools or the grass that trample elephants.
In the all this time they didn’t give me permission to work saying that Gorbatchev wants as I stay closed like animals at zoo.
I will be honoured and delighted to place my experience, competence and loyalty at your disposal.
I have the belief that working for your company would be an unique opportunity
to enrich my knowledge in the fields of my interests and to continue the career
path I have started. I have also a strong theoretical background in other fields believe my background can be useful to your company and I would welcome opportunity to work for you
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hear from you.
Yours faithfully,
Elena Merlan