How to Choose the Right Diamond

There are, obviously, very many diamonds available for sale, and very many diamonds that you can choose from if you are looking for a general diamond ring, an engagement ring, or a diamond for some other reason. So how do you make the choice?

Firstly, you should find out what shape of diamond the recipient would like. If you’re not sure and you cannot find out, go for a round cut or princess cut diamond as those are both popular and relatively fail-safe choices.

With regards to carat weight minimum, this again will depend, at least somewhat, upon the preferences of the recipient (and also your budget, of course). Perhaps the recipient has set their heart on a one carat diamond, in which case, even a particularly beautiful half carat stone is not going to cut it.

So, to begin your search through, say, a variety of engagement rings, start out with the highest quality of diamond that comes in the shape and with a carat weight that the recipient would want. Then, until you find an engagement ring, or whatever type of diamond ring, that fits in with your budget, you may need to make a few concessions in a progressive order as follows:

To start, lower the Clarity of the diamond. Before you decide to make any concessions in other aspects of the diamond, you should aim to go as low as VS2 in Clarity.

Next, focus on lowering the Color. Before making concessions with regards to other aspects of the diamond, go as low as H in terms of the Color.

Then, finally, you can think about the Cut of the diamond. For a round diamond, you can reduce the quality of the cut to Very Good. For a fancier shape of diamond, don’t go below Good in terms of the cut quality.

If you are now close to your budget after your criteria has been revised as given above, but you’re still not within budget, you might wish to shave a little of the carat weight off. Visually, you’d be very hard pushed, unless you were a diamond expert, to notice any difference of 10 percent or less on your previous choice.

Once you have followed the above steps, and if you are still not within your budget, you can undergo a step-by-step process but this time with new thresholds.

The Clarity of the diamond can be lowered to SI1.
The Color of the diamond can be reduced to J. However, you can drop the Color to K or possibly even to L or M if the diamond is to be set in yellow gold.
The Cut of the diamond can be reduced to Good for round diamonds. For fancy shaped diamonds, the Cut can be reduced to Fair.

If after taking all of these steps you find that you are still outside your target budget, then you should either reduce the minimum carat weight, or you will likely have to increase your budget.