The practicioners at Dentist Downtown Seattle make a point adapting themselves to the patients' profiles. Located in South Lake Union, we are accustomed to seeing a huge variety of persons. We are able to take care of the whole family, from children to elderlies. We take some time and the appropriate behaviour to deal with patients who are particularly sensitive and those who need some personnalized approach. We make no judgement, we are just taking care of people. We don't neglect routine evaluations and cleanings as they belong to the overall oral health and wellness. Oral wellness also involves whitening treatments and correctiosn to imperfections, and that's just fine: we are skilled in such fields. Comfort and beauty are what we are able to deliver, but we are also skilled in emergency care: mouth health is our specialty.

Dentist Downtown Seattle

2045 Westlake Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 207-0200