I finger paint acrylic onto canvas. The paint’s own texture, viscosity and volume at the time of each stroke influences the outcome as it rolls, glides, slides, dabbled, dotted or jettisoned off my finger and hands onto the canvas to be fixed in place building each layer in opaque and translucent colors.

I create individual pieces that are their own, yet can be placed next to one another or in a series. This allows richer context and dialog. Every viewer brings their own life’s teaching, history, prejudices, attitudes and views that I collectively call "filters". My attempts are to speak provocatively yet with approachability, leveraging these filters, to evoke the full spectrum of emotions and an opportunity for thought, dialog, insight and perhaps awareness. I strive to capture the essences of the moment through color, texture, reflectiveness and luminosity. The viewers own eye and brain have an opportunity to assimilate and leverage their own above mentioned filters in a way that best connects them with the art. It's a visual, thought and life filters dance with my viewers.


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