https://cs24h.com/ It is very interesting to watch players who are like a big rivals in their teams to play together at ESEC for the national teams.”
Maybe ironically, the biggest yearly event in Dota 2 is the International, while it has nothing to do with nations whatsoever. Most fans cheer for their favorite brands, whether it’s iG or Na`Vi, instead of their country. And it’s the case with not only the biggest Dota 2 event of the year, but also with every other eSports discipline. Such events celebrate the brands and the companies that sponsor those brands, rather than countries. The question is csgo boosting what is better. Most teams are international, just like football clubs for example, and there should be leagues for them – just like we have already. But we shouldn’t forget that football and traditional sports have also national teams that participate in separate leagues – such as the World Cup. What should the biggest event, the crown jewel, of every eSports discipline be like?