Close Protection UK: Your Special BodyguardOur aim, at Close Protection UK, is to offer all types of close protection services in the United Kingdom.For over two decades, we have maintained stellar operation, establishing ourselves as an outfit that is resourceful as well as reliable.Our close protection solutions are not confined to celebrities and the rich, alone.And they encompass all aspects of close protection, surveillance and chaperon solutions.We have overseen the general security at entertainment events, and we have secured a decent wedding against harassments.We have safeguarded corporate travellers in perilous nations, and we have saved many clients from contracted elimination and from the shackles of kidnappers.We vet all operatives under our employ, and they all belong to the British Bodyguard Association (BBA).This means they are exceptionally trained to guarantee your safety.What’s more.Close Protection UK buttresses these operatives’ skills with regular innovative exercises and modern technology to ensure that they prevail in the face of inventive threats.In our ranks are ex-servicemen and ex-policemen; a good amount of them are fluent in at least one foreign language.They are the variety of bodyguards with whom you travel overseas.They can lay low when you want, and they can stand out there looking imposing if desired.How You Benefit from Our Close Protection Services.• We can help, if you or someone else in your life needs close protection.• All of our operatives passed through the BBA as specialists.• They can be your protector and at the same time your friend.• We speak many languages and can adjust to any environment.• At Close Protection UK, we arm our operatives with some of the latest technology in the industry to make sure they carry out their duty of protecting you with surgical deftness.• Our close protection services are available 24/7.• Close Protection UK offers fleeting as well as extended close protection solutions.• Our close protection service is for all calibres of people—journalists, celebrities, politicians, corporate people, and even private individuals.Reach out to Close Protection UK.Your protection is guaranteed.

Contact address: Close Protection UK, 19Eastbourne Terrace, London W2 6LG, Phone: 0800 334 5440