About the Class Updates Application

When you download the Class Updates Application (available from Google Play and the Apple App Store), you can get connected and stay connected all the time by receiving important notifications immediately from your teachers. You can get notifications on things like class delays, class cancellations and other important announcements.

The Class Updates Application is ideal when you need to get emergency notifications from your teachers. You can also get reminders for assignments, communications about upcoming field trips, reminders about assignments, inclusive of exams, homework, quizzes, last minute updates or changes, and all sorts of important information that your teacher has to communicate with you and in real time, straight away.

How do you set up the Class Updates Application?

With Class Updates, there are only 3 easy steps to set it up…

1. First, create your unique profile.

Generate your own unique and personalized profile and make it complete with a profile picture together with a short bio about yourself.

2. Next, add all of your teachers.

You’ll find a database of every high school and college in the country when you download the Class Updates Application. You simply need to select your school, after which, add the classes that you take.

3. Get connected

Get connected with your teachers and fellow students so that you don’t ever miss out on any class announcements.

You can also use Class Updates to connect via Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

Class Updates is easy to set up: You simply need to fill out your profile and then add your teachers.

Class Updates saves you time: You can get instant notifications for all of your classes.

Class Updates provides you with the capability to receive project updates: You can receive announcements, even at the last minute, about your homework and your projects.

Class Updates lets you know about class cancellations: You can immediately learn about classes that have been rescheduled or cancelled. This way, you’ll not be wasting any time hanging around for your teacher.

Class Updates has an extensive database: The database is extremely extensive, listing every high school and college in the United States.

Class Updates is completely free: You can download the Class Updates App and gain access to the huge network totally free of charge.

It is our goal that Class Updates provides the primary avenue for students and teachers to get seamless and real-time mobile communication at every high school, college and university in the country.

Class Updates is ideal for your school. Why so?

We already have more than 100,000 students, teachers and professors onboard with our platform at Class Updates. So you should start to use the Class Updates App today, and that way, your school will not only benefit from increased efficiency, you’ll also be using a standardized central platform, a platform that is not only safe and secure but is also very easy to use.