Chassis Plans Rugged Military and Industrial Computer Systems

Chassis Plans Rugged Military and Industrial Computer Systems


For military uses, particularly situations involving deployment, high-quality systems are needed as well as top-quality service and technical support. Chassis Plans builds rugged, military-grade computer systems and parts made to LAST under stressful conditions and meet military standards. Many of our components are made of high-MTBF materials which are created to survive under rough circumstances. Our US-made systems are intended to last for a long time, and our turnkey system integration will guarantee ease of use and a high degree of file organization. Whether you need complete systems, portable systems, extra storage, or LCD display monitors, Chassis Plans can help. Call us today at our San Diego office at 800-787-4913, or visit our site here at for further information and to fill in our useful contact form. Chassis Plans’ rugged systems are built to survive!

Chassis Plans Rugged Military & Industrial Computer Systems

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