What Are Binaural beats? Binaural beats can best be described as a form of brainwave entertainment which is created with the help of a computer program. This computerized program helps to deliberately reduce the brainwave frequency. It also helps in encouraging the synchronization of the brainwave between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Some Fast Facts

The Binaural Beats are considered to be a response of the auditory brainstem which takes place in the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere.
The beats which we get are the outcome of the interaction between the hemispheres.
The beats are rarely encountered in nature.
These Binaural beats are of two kinds: computer generated and also man-made.
They can best be perceived at lower pitches.
It is possible to hear them at low frequencies <30 Hz.

History: It was only in 1839 that Heinrich Wilhelm Dove perceived the binaural beats. In spite of a lot of scientific research taking place these beats still remained a sort of mystery for the next 134 years. Again in the year 1973, Gerald Oster gathered together the disorganized binaural beat research and wrote “Auditory Beats in the Brain”. It was in his research paper that Oster provided a lot of new laboratory findings in his research work on binaural beats.

He came to the conclusion that the binaural beats can become a great tool for cognitive and neurological research. It was his belief that the binaural beats can act as a wonderful tool for diagnosing medical problems. They can be used not only for auditory impairments but also for more general neurological conditions.

How can the binaural beats be used?

Ø Meditation: Binaural beats help you get into meditation so that you are able to work yourself on the route to self-discovery or any other objective. In other words we can say to simply ‘be’ and enjoy the meditative experience with no agenda.

Ø Stress relief: It is with the help of meditation which can act as the best way to relieve stress. Moreover, there can be no better way to be soothed with the help of a soundtrack so that you are able to take yourself away from your problems more easily when compared to the best wine bottle or the best bubble bath. Studies have proven time and again with the help of daily meditation you will be able to increase the activities in the areas of the brain which are responsible for many of your positive moods. When you attain stress relief you are also improving and maintaining your health.

A major advantage of using Binaural Beats is that you are able to relax into it and allow them to do their work. It is also not necessary for you to have any prior knowledge of their working so as to get the proper effects. Simply remember to use the stereo headphones, and you are ready to be transformed into the amazing, fascinating world of your mind.